HO CFD Webinar

Why is Meshing so Hard?

HO CFD Webinar

High-order CFD techniques are attracting considerable research interest as they offer the potential for significantly more accurate fluid dynamics simulation - particularly in the age of many-core processors (such as GPUs).

While CFD is used in many engineering sectors, greater accuracy & efficiency are required before it can replace expensive physical prototypes for unsteady flows (including acoustics) and for resolving shed vortices and wakes.  High-order flux reconstruction methods developed by Dr. Peter Vincent from the department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London (IC) are a potential solution.

The High Order CFD Webinar covers the development and industrialisation of high-order CFD methods, gaining an appreciation of the current state of the art - as well as a view on the future capability. IC, Zenotech and CFMS present an update on the Innovate UK project Hyperflux (industrialising high order flux reconstruction methods), including a presentation on PyFR by Imperial College. PyFR is an open-source Python based software framework using Flux Reconstruction.  Zenotech delivers an update on the implementation of high order methods within the ZCFD code. Developments in the production of high-order meshing, are presented by High Order Preprocessor (HOPR), who produce open-source software for the generation of three-dimensional unstructured high-order meshes, and Pointwise, a developer of software used for grid generation and preprocessing for computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

If you are interested in submitting a test case for the Hyperflux project, email andrei.cimpoeru@cfms.org.uk or call 01179061100

If you are interested in the test case results for the Hyperflux project, visit http://hyperflux.cfms.org.uk/en/latest/

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