AI For Industrial Inspection

11th Dec

AI For Industrial Inspection

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) will be hosting ‘AI for Industrial Inspection' (AI4II)  event,  with speakers including Airbus, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, taking place 11th December at CFMS, Bristol, 9:45 - 14.00, including lunch.

Visual inspections are routinely carried out to determine whether a structure, product, component or process meets the specification requirements. Such inspections are usually carried out by a trained individual who has knowledge and experience to visually identify faults and non-conformant quality and performance. However, there are a number of challenges which are associated with manual inspections such as accessibility constraints, increase susceptibility to human error and recurring labour costs.

CFMS has produced a demonstrator which will be showcased at the event, that combines computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to automate the manual inspection process and counteract some of these challenges. The demonstrator uses Deep Learning technology consisting of neural networks that are vaguely inspired by the biological neural networks. Footage captured by a camera is used to train the neural networks i.e. train them to ‘self learn’ the rules for feature identification and to identify objects, and/or defects irrespective of their position or orientation in a real world inspection scenario.

Consisting of a number of presentations, the AI4II event will educate delegates on the capability and application of AI technology and explore potential use cases across multiple sectors. The event will also discuss the following:

  • Data collection

  • Applying deep learning and AI technology

  • Cross-sector application of autonomous inspection

  • Presentations from academia and industry end users across sectors including construction, aerospace, automotive, and high value design: Airbus, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce

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Keynote: Bristol Robotics Laboratory


Artificial Intelligence capabilities & industrial inspection demonstrators: CFMS


Industry Use Case Example - Aerospace: Airbus


Industry Use Case - Construction: Rolls-Royce


Industry Use Case Example - Automotive: Jaguar Land Rover


Panel Q&A


Lunch & Networking


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Bristol & Bath Science Park, Dirac Crescent, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7FR

Start time

9:45 11/12/2018

End time

14:00 11/12/2018

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