Annual DiPaRT Event

Annual DiPaRT Event


The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is proud to be a growing, independent and not-for-profit organisation that specialises in high value design capability. We promote advanced modelling and simulation, underpinned by HPC, pushing the boundaries of technology.

Through our exceptional, collaborative, virtual and physical facility,  we enable the adoption and acceleration of new technologies for advanced modelling and simulation, while improving learning and developing awareness of state-of-the art. Engaging with organisations large and small, we help to provide access to the right tools, resources, skills and technologies, resulting in increased productivity and faster, more informed decision-making.

About DiPaRT

DiPaRT (Flight Physics Distributed Research & Technology Partnership) was created in 2010 by Airbus UK as a mechanism for engaging and collaborating with the UK Flight Physics R&T community. Supporting the UK centred capability in design and integration of wings, landing gear and associated systems, the DiPaRT network of organisations and partners identify potential technologies and research aligned with Airbus R&T strategy. Providing the opportunity to shape and influence pathways, DiPaRT provides transparency of Airbus’s strategic aspirations to shape and influence pathways in Flight Physics R&T.


DiPaRT is a popular annual event which regularly sees in excess of 100 delegates from Airbus and the distributed UK Flight Physics R&T community gather together. Held over two days, the first day consists of a series of keynote presentations with The Flight Physics Symposium delivered on the second day, where delegates are split into streams, attending breakout sessions.

A venue that offered flexible and multi-purpose space that could accommodate keynote presentations and smaller parallel presentations was required.  Accessibility to national transport links within the UK was important due to the distributed nature of delegates. A comfortable, secure environment to enable delegates to network and meet was a key consideration, along with in-house AV services and support.


The Centre for Modelling and Simulation provided access to an enclosed, spacious and multi-purpose area, allowing delegates the freedom to move around public areas of the centre. This consisted of a combined registration, catering and seating area with access to the main presentation room, which was partitioned into breakout rooms for the second day of the event. The use of CFD imagery and product innovations throughout the centre accentuated the industry and academic links that CFMS offers as a neutral, not-for-profit organisation in the modelling and simulation sector.


Organiser of the event, Prof. Anthony Hutton, Airbus, “CFMS enabled us to deliver the event in a secure, spacious and comfortable area, enhancing the collaborative aim of DiPaRT. This is the fifth year we have held the DiPaRT conference at CFMS. The responsiveness and consistent service received makes the event a very satisfying and enjoyable experience for everyone”.

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