Project GHandI

Project GHandI

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The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is proud to be a growing, independent and not-for-profit organisation that specialises in high value design capability. We promote advanced modelling and simulation, underpinned by HPC, pushing the boundaries of technology.

Through our exceptional, collaborative, virtual and physical facility,  we enable the adoption and acceleration of new technologies for advanced modelling and simulation, while improving learning and developing awareness of state-of-the art. Engaging with organisations large and small, we help to provide access to the right tools, resources, skills and technologies, resulting in increased productivity and faster, more informed decision-making.


The  Geometry Handling and Integration (GHandI) project responds directly to the call for research into “Prediction Capability”  - “mesh and geometry handling”. Including a focus on the geometry handling challenges associated with novel hypersonic airframes, it also supports the “Securing a UK Capability in Supersonic and Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics” theme. In order to achieve the improvements in aerodynamic performance required by the next generation of flight vehicles, the project evaluates the aerodynamic characteristics of a wide range of airframes, including those possessing novel configurations.


GHandI is a 3 year collaborative project, led by MBDA UK Ltd, that involves several organisations and sub-contractors. A collaborative programme supported by Innovate UK, the project running from March 2013 to December 2015, CFMS were required to provide Project Support services to Lead Partner, MBDA UK Ltd.


CFMS Project Support Office provided a business support function that supported the overall project management process, providing effective value added support to the project lead, tailoring information for senior management and regulatory project officers. With experience of managing multi-partner collaborations, CFMS also provided infrastructure and services to host organisations involved in the GHandI project.


Robin Addison, Precision Solutions/Advanced Technologies, MBDA UK Ltd, "MBDA UK Ltd is leading the Geometric Handling and Integration (GHandI) project, funded by Innovate UK involving several partners in the aerospace and defence sectors. Helping to facilitate knowledge sharing and understanding, CFMS have supported MBDA UK, providing invaluable project support, managing Project Status Briefings and Quarterly Project Reviews, ensuring the project delivers against key milestones."

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