What We Do

What We Do

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we offer access to a trusted, neutral technology infrastructure and capability, combined with networking awareness and thought leadership, enabling the adoption and acceleration of new technologies for advanced modelling and simulation.

Incorporating advanced simulation expertise and tools, we offer Advanced Modelling and Simulation Services, On Demand HPC Cluster Access, HPC and IT System Technical Services, Technology Lab and Infrastructure Access, Product Technology Evaluation and Project Management Office that transform engineering design capability to be faster, better and more informed, increasing competitive advantage.

Our team of IT systems and industry specialists in modelling and simulation provide in-depth technical knowledge and expertise required to get the best out of systems, compilers and workflows. Our highly configurable sandbox environment supports the experimentation of new ideas, tools and techniques, enabling organisations to freely share and collaborate with partners and the supply chain.

Through our 800 m2  exceptional, managed environment, we offer a dynamic modern space which facilitates collaboration and dissemination of information. Revolving around the high value design community, our membership, networking and awareness programme enables the improvement of design skills and capability while enhancing brand visibility and business opportunity.


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