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CFMS announces partnership with Digital Catapult

CFMS announces a partnership with Digital Catapult to transform digital engineering capability and encourage the use of advanced digital technologies in the manufacturing sector.

CFMS provides a digital test bed for the design of high value engineering products and processes. Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, driving the early adoption of digital technologies to make UK businesses more competitive and productive.

The collaboration will facilitate the development of new and innovative products and services, in turn providing a strategic advantage for the manufacturing industry as a whole.

With a common interest in identifying disruptive technological advances that will transform UK industry, the three-year Memorandum of Understanding will identify synergies between both organisations, map mutual strategic objectives and identify opportunities for further collaborative activities and projects.

Dr Jeremy Silver, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Catapult, comments, “CFMS has tremendous strengths in simulation, data visualisation and machine learning. Our joint discussions have led us to see significant opportunities to offer enhanced services to industry by working together. Pooling our resources will enable us to broaden the range of conversations we can have with a wider number of clients. We hope that together, industry partners will see new opportunities to increase and deepen their R&D with us.”

Sam Paice, Chief Executive Officer, CFMS, said, “Working with organisations to advance innovation capability and strategic advantage in the global marketplace is a key focus of CFMS. The partnership with Digital Catapult will strengthen our joint vision to transform design, engineering and manufacturing processes, unlocking new business models through new digital services.”

CFMS and Digital Catapult are calling on UK organisations that want to explore how they can apply digital technologies to their businesses to contact them directly via info@cfms.org.uk or info@digicatapult.org.uk.

About CFMS

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is a not-for-profit specialist in digital engineering capability. As a trusted and neutral provider, our vision is to be the recognised, independent, digital test bed for the design of high value engineering products and processes.

Facilitating a greater understanding of how a product will perform throughout its lifecycle, our digital test bed forms the foundation for Through-Life Engineering Services, creating a virtual replica of systems and processes used for investigation of options and opportunities, in advance of physical development.

Through four core service lines and activities, we enable our customers to accelerate design and manufacturing productivity and competitiveness for their products, processes and services;

  • Integrated system architectures that can deliver improved performance
  • Greater insight into the performance of products or processes in service
  • More informed decision making based on simulated or real world data
  • Cost effective access to state-of the art computational infrastructure

For further information about how CFMS can help your organisation, visit www.cfms.org.uk, call 0117 906 1100 or email info@cfms.org.uk.

About Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, driving early adoption of technologies to make UK businesses more competitive, productive and ultimately grow the country’s economy.

By connecting large established companies, startup and scale-up businesses and researchers, Digital Catapult discovers new ways to solve big challenges in the manufacturing and creative industries. Through this collaboration, businesses can develop the right technologies to solve problems, increase productivity and open up new markets faster.

Digital Catapult provides physical and digital facilities for experimentation and testing that would otherwise not be accessible for smaller companies. As well as breaking down barriers to technology adoption for startups and scale-ups, the centre is de-risking innovation for large enterprises and uncovering new commercial applications in immersive, future networks, and artificial intelligence technologies.

For more info please visit www.digicatapult.org.uk

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