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A Generic Digital Toolbox

This version (1.1.0) of “A Generic Digital Toolbox” is being published as an intermediate release such that the DETI proofs of concept might take early advantage of the research and information contained within. A final version of this document will be published towards the end of the DETI 2-year period. This final version will include not only the completion of the remaining sections, but also links to the work of DETI EC5—Digital Thread.

This document provides a high-level review of engineering processes with the goal of providing sufficient information for the DETI enabling capabilities and proofs of concept to choose an appropriate process. DETI is not going to have a ‘toolbox’ as such but rather generate knowledge of what tools are available and where they can be applied reliably. To that end the report provides a representative register of Digital Engineering tools, both classical and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based in the context of the chosen engineering process.

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