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Hosting Environment Open Stack Interface Control Document

This document—DETI-EC_1-004—presents the information that DETI partners must supply to the EC1—Hosting Environment work package leader to use the DETI OpenStackfacility. The integration request comprises a completed Information Exchange Requirement table. Additionally, this document briefly elucidates the capabilities of the OpenStackfacility. The OpenStackfacility is provided by CFMS to the DETI programme as an adjunct to EC1.3, and is described in DETI-EC_1-003.

The secure CFMS infrastructure described in the EC1—Hosting Environment deliverables is used to house the platform.Use of the OpenStackby DETI programme partners is free for experimentation within the Enabling Capabilities.

However, for the Proofs of Concept, the OpenStackservice is provided on an “at cost” basis, and the information captured in the Information Exchange Requirement form(Section 4) will be used to determine the likely charges for such projects.This document is internal to DETI, and does not form an official deliverable to WECA.

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