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Shining the Spotlight on Edward Etheridge

In February 2022, Edward had his first day at CFMS. As anyone knows, starting a new job can be a daunting experience. But with a willingness and quickness to learn and his colleagues’ support, it seems Edward has quickly become part of the CFMS clan. 

As a Graduate Stress Engineer, Edward focuses on structural modelling and how structures respond to loads. In addition, he works a lot with our Model Based Engineering team on ongoing automation in the structural modelling process. 

Graduating from University of Bristol just as the pandemic hit, Edward has been an example of what it’s been like to navigate through finding a graduate job in a difficult job market. This caused him to make the brave decision to take a break from his engineering career and travel around New Zealand with his partner for ten months. The end of this trip meant looking for new career prospects, and this is how CFMS came into the picture.

How are you settling into CFMS?

It’s been quite easy to settle in at CFMS. Everyone has been very open and helpful in answering my questions. Even though CFMS is a relatively small company, many helpful colleagues have offered their support and expertise to help me step into my role. 

I’ve also been amazed at how social and friendly the team is. There are a lot of different social activities during the week, which has been an excellent way to get to know people from other teams. 

What's been your favourite part of your first three months?

I think my favourite part has been getting more experience in programming as it’s not something I’ve done as much in the past. I’ve done some programming as a hobby and did a fair bit at University, but it was always just a means to an end. Once I did what I wanted to achieve, I threw it away. So it’s been nice to learn the proper way of doing things in a professional context. 

To help me learn the programming software and techniques used at CFMS, I was put in a client/provider situation with one of my colleagues to ensure I learned how to navigate the system and maintain the clients’ expectations. My colleagues were open and ready to answer questions about how to use the software or if I needed to double-check any code. This meant that I got up to speed in just a week and a half. 

Another thing I have enjoyed is being able to cycle to work and have a much shorter commute than my previous jobs. It’s nice to get some fresh air daily on my way to and from work. It’s great that so many people from CFMS also cycle to work and that there’s a ‘cycling club’ that cycles to different parts of the Bristol and Bath area every week.

Finally, working for a company like CFMS has allowed me to work on different projects in different fields. One of the most exciting projects I’ve been working on is the AIRLIFT project, as it has given me exposure to new modelling methods, helping me expand my digital engineering skill set. This new skill is also something I know I’ll be able to take with me in my future career.

What did you do before working at CFMS? 

I did a Masters in Aerospace Engineering. I always found that maths and physics were my favourite subjects, and by the end of my A-levels, I knew I wanted to have a career in engineering. When looking at the different engineering courses, I found aerospace the most interesting. 

I finished University in 2020, just before the pandemic hit, so I struggled to find a job because not many companies were recruiting – especially within the aerospace industry, fortunately I managed to find a temporary job at a start-up company that manufactured drones, where I worked for ten months. Afterwards, I left to travel to New Zealand with my partner. One good thing about the pandemic was that it allowed us to save up because there wasn’t that much else to do at the time. 

What do you like to do when you’re not working at CFMS? 

I enjoy hiking and walking, and did it a lot while travelling around New Zealand. I’ve got a few hiking trips planned this summer with a group of friends. We’re planning on either hiking in the Pennines or along the Pembrokeshire coast. 

I also take part in Combat Robotics, like Robot Wars, building entries from scratch and competing in different weight classes, similar to boxing. When creating robots, I try to look at what I can achieve with the assortment of parts I already have, as opposed to coming up with an idea then struggling to find the parts I need to achieve it. I find the sport a great creative and engineering challenge, but mostly it’s just a lot of fun. 

Interest in working with us?

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