Industry Themes

For those wanting to transform digital engineering capability the first step is to understand the opportunities and strategic values of industrial digitalisation.

CFMS provides the focus to exploit a digitalisation strategy as we get ready for the next generation of services.

Sustainable Aviation

With climate change issues increasing in importance the aerospace industry is seeking design solutions to achieve zero carbon. At CFMS our expertise in digital engineering is helping to transform the design of future aircraft through the adoption of new methods and technologies. 

AI for Industrial Inspection

“Data Science supports the digital thread, utilising data generated to provide insights that may not be achieved through a traditional approach.”

Combining data, digital systems leads to digitalisation delivered insight.

To drive the next generation of services using disruptive designs can enable gains in automation, productivity and quality.

Digital Thread 

“The digital thread enables the power of collaboration and is the foundation of the MBE platform, facilitating informed decisions by connecting key requirements and processes.”

The enablement and beginning of the intelligent customer. 

Being connected, informed with accessible information, enables the focus to be on actionable insight.


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