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letter Spring 2016 Newsletter

Wishing for a hopeful spell of warmer weather ahead, Spring is rapidly upon us. With a hop and a skip, we shine the spotlight on James Baker, The Graphene Institute, University of Manchester and meet Cubik Innovation, specialists in the design and development of electronic products. In this issue, we explore the exciting area of information driven visualisation and the opportunity for Engineering Big Data.

Shining the Spotlight on..

We meet James Baker, Business Director, The Graphene Institute, University of Manchester, where we learn about his focus on taking revolutionary wonder material ‘graphene’ into commercialisations, and his role in building the vision of Graphene City.

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Seeing the Big Picture
Data visualisation is helping CFD engineers see the bigger picture more easily with technology founded in computer science. This is where the exciting area of information-driven visualisation research steps in.  
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Keep the Data Big!
Whilst the opportunity with Big Data is understood, the world of Engineering Big Data need work. The particular opportunity that is being lost, is the correlation of raw in-service and experimental data with numerical simulations.
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The Innovation Space
In this edition we learn about Cubik Innovation, specialists in the design and development of electronic products who work with organisations to realise design objectives and bring new products to market.
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CFMS DrivAer Event
Join CFMS and partners for the DrivAer Automotive Workshop on 10th May 2016. Delegates will be offered access to the latest test results, geometry and meshes, and learn about techniques and advances for meshing tools.
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British Hydro Association Summer Forum
Join CFMS & the Hydro community and hear about tech innovation
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CFMS to participate in Hyperflux++ Project
Read about Hyperflux++, high-order methods for CFD
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UQ&M SIG Webinar
Register for the UQ&M SIG Webinar, 20th May 2016
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ERCOFTAC Industry Day
Learn about big data technology for fluid dynamics simulation
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