AI: Explore the possibilities

From the ground to the air and beyond, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising digital engineering

Welcome to the Spring edition of the CFMS newsletter where we explore everything AI; from why ethical AI is so important to Explainable AI and more.

How we can set up a benchmark to build fair, ethical AI systems

AI is all around us, from the workplace to mortgage applications, social media and even cars. This article explores why ethical AI is so important.

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Explainable AI (XAI) for Successful Industrial Application of AI

Kiran Krishnamurthy, Domain Expert - AI at CFMS, discusses 'Explainable AI', a relatively new field in AI which is rapidly growing as general AI technology matures.

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Industrial Inspection in the Automotive Industry

Industrial Inspection is changing. Using AI technology, we can innovate and revolutionise the automotive inspection process.

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Infographic: Exploring the possibilities of AI in Digital Engineering

CFMS has created an infographic which presents the key benefits of AI for high value digital engineering sectors.

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