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About ArcaStream

ArcaStream provide software-defined, data-aware storage that eliminates vendor lock-in, seamlessly integrates with research workflows and exposes the cost of data retention.

ArcaStream Ltd was formed in 2012 and features the most experienced independent team of scale-out storage and networking experts in the UK. ArcaStream delivers bespoke scale-out storage and data management solutions designed exclusively for the needs of research and simulation users.

By providing its customers with a hardware-agnostic strategic platform for growth, ArcaStream enables organisations to efficiently and granularly manage data storage costs as demands fluctuate and requirements change, without being tied to any particular storage hardware manufacturer. As a result, procurement departments are able to make decisions based on best value metrics at the time of expansion, without any disruption to the business and its users.


  • Software-Defined Network Storage
  • General Parallel File System (GPFS)
  • Data Management
  • Meta Data

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