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About ITI

ITI is the leading provider of reliable interoperability, validation, translation and migration solutions for CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM.

ITI solves complex interoperability problems and supports key aspects of PLM and MBE implementation including: product design, advanced computational analysis, digital manufacturing, change management, archival, technical data packaging, and secure information transfer. The CADfix solution provides advanced geometry handling for CAD-CAE integration, simulation process automation and analysis lead time reduction.


  • Geometry translation, repair and simplification
  • CAD to CAE process integration and automation
  • Geometry partitioning for hex meshing
  • Hybrid meshing for advanced CFD
  • Geometry and STL processing for Additive Manufacturing
  • Geometry morphing and reverse engineering
  • CAD model verification and validation
  • Legacy CAD data migration

Case Study

ITI CADfix case study for Innovate UK GHandI project on high-quality CFD mesh generation

 One of the most fundamental properties affecting the aerodynamic performance of a body is its shape. Demands for improved performance and optimization of airframe shape simulation and analysis continue to increase. ITI’s CADfix team worked with GHandI program partners, including Airbus and MBDA, to develop new capabilities for extracting information from geometry and adapting for use elsewhere in the aerodynamic simulation process.

Download the case study below or click here for more information.

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