Simulation and Modelling 2018

18th Sep

Simulation and Modelling 2018

The Simulation and Modelling 2018 conference is taking place 18th - 19th September 2018 in Birmingham.

The Simulation and Modelling 2018 conference will discuss how aerospace engineers are benefiting from these technologies and processes. Uncovering ways in which they are helping to drive down costs, reduce inefficiencies and eradicate cost prototypes across engineering industries.

Attendees will hear about new and innovating methods to improve the efficiency of developing, testing and prototyping new products and systems through case studies and technical presentations.

Key topics include:

  • Optimising design and engineering through simulation

  • Enhancing testing methods

  • Integration of multi-disciplinary and multi layered simulations, including digital twinning

  • Results analysis and developing action plans

  • Smart manufacturing systems and the use of simulation and modelling

  • Simulation in the manufacturing process, including reducing waste, cost and production time

  • Simulation validation and gaining confidence in results

The conference also provides the perfect opportunity to network with industry professionals alike.

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