The Digital Thread: Capture, Curate, Connect

3rd Jul

The Digital Thread: Capture, Curate, Connect

CFMS is holding an educational event; The Digital Thread: Capture, Curate, Connect, which is taking place 3rd July 2019, 09.30 - 13.00 hrs at CFMS, Bristol & Bath Science Park.

Interest in digital thread and digital twin technology is growing across UK industry. The term ‘Digital Thread’ describes the framework for connecting the flow of product data to the physical product. It’s also the basis for building digital twin technology, connecting the digital model to the physical asset, providing traceability back to the requirements specification, parts and systems. The foundation of Model Based Engineering (MBE) and Through-life Engineering Services (TES), digital thread facilitates collaboration and informed decisions connecting key requirements and processes.

The ability to fully capture and track data, changes and decisions made during development, manufacturing and service stages is not well practiced in industry. This results in retracing, translating, and moving data between systems and the supply chain, with repetition of processes. The removal of this non-value add activity can increase efficiency and productivity, reducing costs and time-to-market.

To assist UK organisations with benefiting from the efficiencies of digital thread, the Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), a neutral, independent, not-for-profit (NFP), is holding an educational event that shares best practice examples for developing a digital thread framework which are in use across industry. The event will consist of selected industry end users and academics presenting industry examples/use cases across high value design sectors; aerospace, automotive, energy and advanced engineering. Speakers include ADS, Airbus, GKN, Rolls-Royce, and The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC).

Through a series of presentations and demonstrations, event delegates will learn about:

  • Digital thread as a concept and framework, efficiencies achieved when applied to product lifecycle, design and manufacturing processes.

  • Best practice in developing a digital thread framework.

  • Developing capability to fully capture and track ‘digital thread’ or data, changes and decisions made during development, manufacturing and service and stages.

Please Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the material being presented, the event is open to industry end users, academic and other industry associations only.


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Keynote - Airbus


What's the requirements? - CFMS


Industry View: Aerospace & Defence - ADS


RTO/Academia - The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC)


Use Case Example: Engineering - Rolls-Royce


Use Case Example: Additive Manufacturing - GKN


Panel Q&A


Panel Q&A


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