ATI D3 - Single Pilot Operations

16th May

ATI D3 - Single Pilot Operations

Taking place 16th May 2019, London, the next Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) D3 event sees aerospace industry experts to delve into the ATI forthcoming INSIGHT paper on single pilot operations.

We’ll be focusing on the commercial aerospace sector’s journey towards autonomy. Single pilot operation is generally recognised as the next significant step. We will assess the options for technological innovation, how safety can be maintained, and the impact of having a single pilot on the operating costs of future aircraft. Key market drivers will be examined such as the projected commercial pilot shortage.

Join ATI on 16th May for presentations, a panel session and an informal networking lunch to delve deeper into the concept of single pilot operations and more autonomous flight.


1000 - Arrival of Guests

1030 - 1130 - Guest Speakers

1130 - Noon - Panel Session

Noon - Private Networking Lunch

1300 - Close

The event is free to attend, to buy tickets:


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