CFMS Host Energy and Environment Open Data Challenge Weekend

CFMS Host Energy and Environment Open Data Challenge Weekend

The UK faces huge challenges in the area of energy: the costs of energy in our homes and businesses are increasing, we are struggling to limit our greenhouse gas emissions and we are reliant on energy from abroad which ultimately raises questions about our energy security. At the same time we now have access to more data than before on the nature of our energy consumption and other factors which affect our energy use, much of this being available as open data.

In response to this the Open Data Institute and Nesta are running an open data challenge around the theme of energy and the environment, to help catalyse new organisations to use the open data available to develop products and services to tackle these issues.

The challenge

This challenge invites teams including businesses, start-ups, social enterprises, community groups, academics, students and special interest groups to collaborate and compete with each other to use open data to build services that support communities to either:

•Group buy their energy and save money;
•Undertake community based energy efficiency interventions; or
•Start to generate their own energy.

The process

14 February: The challenge will open to applications

Register your interest with CollabFinder, and join the discussion by engaging with the data and posting a project idea.

3 March: Meet-up for interested parties in Bristol

Come and discuss your ideas, meet some people, scope out the competition, network. Further details here.

16 March: Deadline for applications to the Creation Weekend

In order to get an invite to the Creation Weekend, you will need to register on CollabFinder and upload a description of your project.

22-23 March: Creation Weekend at CFMS, Bristol & Bath Science Park

This is your chance to build and test your app, get feedback, and iterate before pitching to a prestigious panel of judges.

At this stage, fully functional products would be great, but working examples that are able to process real data and need a fair degree of refining are also eligible.

At the end of the weekend, three finalists will be chosen. As a finalist you will receive a) £5,000, b) service design and tailored support and c) an offer to apply for the ODI’s startup programme to refine your product.

March-June: The three finalists refine their product

June: Grand prize of up to £40,000 awarded to the best product

For further information or to apply visit Nesta...

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