Arkivum and CFMS announce new partnership

Arkivum and CFMS announce new partnership

Arkivum, providers of large scale, long term, and cost effective digital archiving solutions and CFMS, a centre that provides access to an on demand high performance computing cluster, today officially announced their strategic partnership.

With state of the art HPC facilities, CFMS and its customers generate huge volumes of data during a typical research project - data that simply can’t be thrown away. In partnering with Arkivum, CFMS can now offer its customers a long-term solution for their data needs.

Once available the research and modelling data can be stored for one to 25 years enabling protection of a customer’s intellectual property (IP) for the future. 

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Arkivum, said Eur Ing Nick Buckland OBE, CFMS Chairman. “As an organisation we place a great deal of value in providing our customers with a full suite of services and our relationship with Arkivum supports this vision.

We have progressed from having no original data archiving facility to now offering our customers direct and convenient access to a highly regarded data archiving service provider. “

Jim Cook, CEO of Arkivum explained, “With HPC computing gathering significant momentum in various market sectors, there’s a rise in the amount of data that companies produce as a result. Whether from research projects, simulations or other complex calculations, it is important to protect and safe-guard those investments for the future. CFMS customers are now able to purchase archive as a service as part of their HPC needs.”

About Arkivum
Founded in 2011, as a spin-out of the University of Southampton 2011, Arkivum specialises in the management and storage of an organisation's information assets. Arkivum delivers systems that can intelligently manage content to efficiently store and retrieve data over the long term while offering a highly cost effective solution, with low up-front investment and zero risk.

Arkivum provides a completely transparent data archiving service and its approach to data safety and security is simple; it keeps multiple copies of customers’ data in secure UK data centres and actively manages its integrity to ensure it remains in bit-perfect condition all the time. Arkivum relies on proven storage technology and open standards to deliver fast and efficient online access. The company’s unique solution is the only system available on the market which guarantees 100% data integrity.

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