CFMS to host fifth annual DiPaRT event

CFMS to host fifth annual DiPaRT event

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) will be hosting the fifth annual Airbus Flight Physics Distributed R&T Partnership (DiPaRT) event at Bristol and Bath Science Park. Taking place between 24th and 26th November 2014, this popular event regularly sees in excess of 100 delegates from Airbus and the UK Flight Physics R&T community gather together.

DiPaRT was created in 2010 by Airbus UK as a mechanism for engaging and collaborating with the UK Flight Physics R&T community. Supporting the UK centred capability in design and integration of wings, landing gear and associated systems, the DiPaRT network of organisations and partners identify potential technologies and research aligned with Airbus R&T strategy.

Fx1a9015 CopyProviding the opportunity to shape and influence pathways, DiPaRT provides transparency of Airbus’s strategic aspirations to shape and influence pathways in Flight Physics R&T.

Organiser of the event, Prof. Anthony Hutton, Airbus, says, “ The event will see people from academia and industry gather together to share new thinking and directions and learn about the opportunities arising from the field of flight physics.”Delivered over two days, the event will provide delegates with the opportunity to attend presentations from Airbus, ARA, ATI, AGI, Bristol University, City University, Cranfield University, Imperial College, Nottingham University, QUB, University of Liverpool, University of Manchester, University of Southampton, University of Bath, University of Surrey and University of Michigan.

David Standingford, Lead Technologist, CFMS,“ We’re delighted to be hosting and taking part in the DiPaRT event. This is a great opportunity for the organisations that are part of the DiPaRT community to share research and learn about industry developments.”

DiPaRT commences on 24th November at 12.30pm with a series of keynote talks Fx1a8869 Copyon the topic of addressing flight physics R&T at a UK and European level. An evening keynote lecture will be given by Dr. Axel Flaig, SVP, Head of Research & Technology, Airbus followed by an evening reception. The Flight Physics Symposium will commence at 9.30am on 25thNovember where delegates will be split into streams. 

About CFMS

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) provides access to an on demand computing cluster, which enables organisations to predict and analyse the behaviour of new systems and products under development using advanced simulation tools.

CFMS provide a neutral area for large and small companies to collaborate and use these tools to examine their technologies while in the design phase, delivering significant time and cost savings.

For more information about how CFMS can help your business call 0117 906 1100 or email

About the DIPaRT

DiPaRT has been created by Airbus as a mechanism for communicating and engaging with the UK Flight Physics R&T community. The aim is to foster a coherent, well informed and motivated distributed partnership that can help Airbus deliver effectively its strategic vision for UK centred capability, supporting design and integration of wings, landing gear and associated systems.

Following the establishment of the UK Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), this remit acquires a special significance. The objectives of the ATI with regards to flight physics, delivered largely through its Aerodynamics Pillar, are:

  • The provision and facilitation of a meeting space for industry, academia, government officials and experts to discuss ideas and productively shape the design and manufacturing of aerodynamics technologies
  • To channel funds for R&D based on the ideas and discussions that take place
  • To develop and deploy the UK's strategy for aerodynamics, while also showcasing the UK's capabilities in complex aerodynamics to the global market

To build UK leadership in the Wing of the Future, DiPaRT is well placed to support ATI in this mission, carrying out much of the groundwork that enables Airbus and its flight physics R&T stakeholders to contribute from a sound and informed position; DiPaRT is poised to be the practical bridge between Airbus and the ATI. This role will be central to the composition of the 2014 DiPaRT Programme by which it is to be hoped that current research activity can be modulated, and new ideas stimulated that in the fullness of time will contribute to the establishment of UK leadership in the Wing of the Future.

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