CFMS announces results from IBM POWER8 Product Evaluation

CFMS announces results from IBM POWER8 Product Evaluation

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) has released the results of its independent  product evaluation of IBM’s Power System S824L, which was assessed for readiness and utilisation in technical computing and HPC workload.

The results from benchmarking and testing the S824L against the defined experimental plan were positive, interesting and insightful. The system meets performance levels for technical computing and is appealing in terms of its flexibility and simplicity. The commonality of tools and skills utilised within technical computing was evidenced by the ease of management of the unit. A report has been produced containing the full results of the S824L benchmarking and testing programme.

Product evaluation covered a number of industry standard tests such as system performance for technical computing and engineering workloads, quality of the toolchain (compilers, environment, etc.) and integrated energy efficiency and scale. As an independent organisation that bridges the gap between the supply chain and industrial users, CFMS has access to source code for commercial and open source applications, used to solve industrial scale problems.

“The industry appetite for computing power is ever upwards, but simply building larger and larger clusters is already becoming unsustainable due to rising energy prices.  We need to take a step back and re-evaluate our approach if we want to approach a realistic solution for the future“, says Nathan Harper, Head of IT Systems, CFMS. “It will be interesting to see the impact of IBM Power systems, combined with technology from NVIDIA and Mellanox, as a catalyst for disruption, and as a basis for the development of new technologies in the future.”

Sam Paice, Chief Operating Officer, CFMS, commented, “ Testing the S824L demonstrates the potential, and is the start of an interesting journey which will be welcomed within industry.”

To download the full results of the IBM Power System S824L Benchmarking and Testing Report, click here. If you are a vendor, academic or industry user and are interested in submitting a product for testing or taking part in future product evaluations, click here.

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