CFMS supports training of next generation AI leaders

CFMS supports training of next generation AI leaders

Bristol, 26th February 2019 - The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), a not-for-profit specialist in digital engineering capability, has today announced it is participating in the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI (ART-AI), led by the University of Bath.

Art Ai CdtUKRI recently announced a £200 million initiative that will see 16 new CDTs set up in 14 different universities. One of those selected, the CDT for Accountable, Responsible and Transparent Artificial Intelligence (ART-AI), will seek to produce the next generation of leaders and innovators in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by teaching interdisciplinary graduates how AI can be deployed ethically, safely and effectively. 

As a founder partner and member of the CDT’s Strategy and Partnerships Board, CFMS will host student placements, provide industrial challenges and offer access to its state-of-the-art, agile and independent high-performance computer cluster and digital test bed. In addition, it will share its vast array of knowledge and expertise through its team of AI experts. Utilising its collaborative nature, CFMS will also host and promote events and research talks, as well as deliver workshops, training and seminars to improve awareness within the industrial community, in turn maximising the effectiveness of the ART-AI CDT and its graduates.

Professor Ian Risk, Chief Technology Officer at CFMS, said: “AI will continue to be a disruptive technology across all sectors, including engineering design and manufacturing, so it is important that we understand the benefits, and potential implications, of adopting such technology.

“CFMS is delighted to be involved in the ART-AI CDT, working alongside the team at University of Bath, as we believe the benefits will be significant. The CDT will build a community that has the skills to create the AI solutions of the future whilst ensuring these systems are ethically sound and capable of making decisions reliably and without bias.’’

The ART-AI CDT, with more than 30 partners, will recruit and train at least 60 postgraduate students from diverse backgrounds with the first cohort of PhD students beginning their training in October 2019.  For more information about the ART-AI CDT, click here.


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About CFMS

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is a not-for-profit specialist in digital engineering capability. As a trusted and neutral provider, our vision is to be the recognised, independent, digital test bed for the design of high value engineering products and processes.

Facilitating a greater understanding of how a product will perform throughout its lifecycle, our digital test bed forms the foundation for Through-Life Engineering Services, creating a virtual replica of systems and processes used for investigation of options and opportunities, in advance of physical development.

Through four core service lines and activities, we enable our customers to accelerate design and manufacturing productivity and competitiveness for their products, processes and services, adding value through;

●          Integrated system architectures that can deliver improved performance

●          Greater insight into the performance of products or processes in service

●          More informed decision making based on simulated or real world data

●          Cost effective access to state-of the art computational infrastructure

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