Celebrating Women in Engineering

To celebrate IWED 2021, we asked the women of CFMS to tell their stories of getting into engineering, projects they have worked on and what led them to the career they ar…


Placement in a Pandemic

Charlotte Johns, an Engineering Student from the University of Bath, is on her placement year with CFMS and explains more about what it is like to be a placement student …


Combining CFD and AI

CFD is a complex and delicate discipline with many potential obstacles. To allow for better, quicker analysis and also to reduce the number of potential issues encountere…


A new era of digital technologies

Davide Bianchi, Head of Advanced Simulation, explores how traditional methods are being pushed towards a new era where digital technologies are being integrated into full…


Rising Star - Thibaut Appel

In this article we meet Thibaut Appel, an Early Stage Career Researcher and PhD Student at Airbus Central Research & Technology, from the Department of Mathematics at Imp…

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