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We take a look at Iceotope, the home of cutting edge Liquid Cooling Technology and find out what they’re up to

Tell us about Iceotope and what you do?

Iceotope has developed a patented technology that allows supercomputers and data centres in the UK, and even hot equatorial regions, to run as efficiently as those based in the Arctic Circle. The company’s patented Total Liquid Cooling technology features zero airflow through servers and thus offering a high density, high efficiency solution that makes about as much noise as a fridge and could be installed into office or logistics spaces rather than expensive data centres. What’s more, with Iceotope, the power savings are substantial – cooling costs will be up to 97 percent less as compared to traditional air-cooled systems, and this translates to overall power savings of around 50 percent.

What challenges is Iceotope addressing for organisations?

IT generates heat and if this heat is not taken away, electronics will begin to bend, break and fail. Most data centres still use air to remove this heat, but Iceotope’s Total Liquid Cooling technology takes a different approach, cooling electronics much more effectively than traditional methods and allowing the waste heat to be recycled in the form of hot water, which can then be fed into domestic radiators to reduce utility bills.  By removing the need for fans, CRAC units, chiller systems and raised floors in the data centre, density is greatly improved and benefits can be seen in terms of flexibility and TCO.  In essence,  Iceotope helps to solve the biggest problems associated with the rapid growth of the internet, reducing data centre energy usage, improving performance and driving down the costs associated with high performance computing.

Iceotope Cabinet Glass FrontWho are the organisations you work with?

Iceotope has a global alliance of key partners and sponsors supporting the growth of its ground breaking technology. The company boasts strategic partnerships with industry giants Schneider Electric and Solvay, and as part of its R&D process the company worked with several leading UK academic institutions and developed its latest product, PetaGen, alongside Intel. Iceotope has a range of customers in academia (e.g. University of Leeds, University of Huddersfield) and national defence, as well as deployments at Credit Suisse and the Poznan Super Computing and Networking Centre.

What is Iceotope hoping to achieve in the future?

Our future is about partnerships, and we hope to achieve a common infrastructure architecture based on Total Liquid Cooling for use by different vendors and technologies. Iceotope is proud to have already engaged with partners such as Intel, Schneider and Solvay who are helping us enhance the product ecosystem.

What accomplishments is Iceotope most proud of? 

One of the company’s biggest markers of success was the completion of its Series A fundraising round in 2014, which secured in excess of $10m. Aster Capital, an international VC firm specialising in clean tech led the transaction alongside Ombu Group, a UK investment company committed to backing high growth technology businesses. In addition to the capital raised, the deal also allowed Iceotope to establish close cooperation with Aster’s strategic sponsors, particularly Schneider Electric. This was a significant step in allowing Iceotope to further commercialise its technology, hire more staff, expand into new geographies and add to its current product ecosystem. As a start-up in the north of England, it was a great accomplishment to attract the investment of an international consortium.

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