Member Profile: Applied Computing & Engineering

Member Profile: Applied Computing & Engineering

In this edition we learn about Applied Computing & Engineering (ac&e) from Anthony Mosquera, Manager, Design Services.

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Founded in 1987, ac&e are pioneers in design and manufacturing simulation and providers of bespoke technical computing. 

Company statistics at a glance

UK Company location: Sci-Tech Daresbury, in Daresbury, Cheshire, is the location of the UK office.

Worldwide Offices: ac&e has global offices near Paris, France and in Virginia, United States.

Company incorporation: ac&e was founded in 1987.

Company capabilities

ac&e are pioneers in design and manufacturing simulation and providers of bespoke technical computing. We bring game-changing technologies to the most complex and challenging design analysis and manufacturing endeavours, drawing on our vast experience across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, defence, automotive, marine, energy, food, plastics and polymers. Capabilities and offerings are split across three core areas of focus; Design Simulation, Manufacturing Simulation and Technical Computing.

Through design simulation, ac&e enable organisations to achieve improved products more quickly. Working with organisations of all sizes from small consultancies to multi-nationals, we focus on engineering analysis, simulation and visualisation, in areas ranging from automated meshing for complex geometries to flow modelling, workflow automation, design optimisation and simulation data management.

Working with world leading manufacturers like ABB, Boeing and Nissan has positioned ac&e at the leading edge of manufacturing simulation, bringing about step-change improvements in speed to market and cost reduction. Our areas of expertise include robotics and kinematic device simulation, CNC verification, and CMM verification, although there are many examples which combine these technologies to produce a bespoke manufacturing simulation solution.

Technical computing is at the core of organisations that focus on advanced engineering, and with the large amounts of data that is handled, every organisation has its own distinct set of computing requirements. Optimising computing performance for simulation and analysis software requires a multidisciplinary approach to systems engineering, along with critical design processes. We provide a range of bespoke technical computing services specific to an organisation.

Technology areas of focus

Our company philosophy is to work with organisations to reduce cost and time to market through the application of leading-edge simulation technologies. These technologies can be in the form of simulation specific software for CFD and workflow automation through to bespoke technical computing hardware. Together these activities are aligned to enable customers across a broad spectrum of design simulation based industries to achieve better decisions faster, dramatically improving productivity and cutting time to market. From high performance computing to Augmented Reality (AR), there are many different technologies that are entering the marketplace but the key is figuring out how these apply to your own environment and customising them to your own organisation processes, which is part of what we do.

Topical industry themes and trends for ac&e

In the world’s increasingly challenging global competitive environment, modelling and simulation professionals, engineers and manufacturers require technologies that remain fit for purpose in a dynamic environment, but will also enable greater insight during the design and manufacturing process. These insights drive efficiencies in the form of time to market, differentiated features, etc. thus enabling competitive advantage. As an example of one specific area, Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) is a topical theme in industry and one where we are seeing growing interest. Integration of MBSE tools with automated workflows allows engineers to perform engineering analysis, requirements conformance analysis, and design trade-off studies very early in the product development process. It also allows the design team to rapidly respond to inevitable requirements changes throughout the design process, and facilitates communication and interaction between systems engineers and disciplinary experts.

Challenges ac&e are addressing in the marketplace

Increasingly large and complex modelling and simulation challenges require ever more powerful hardware and increasingly bespoke support solutions. The growth in popularity of modelling and simulation technologies for engineering analysis and design enables a shorter design cycle and reduced product development cost, by minimising the use of physical prototypes. The challenge we address is how to deliver more efficient processes and faster results, through technology and consultancy, spanning simulation and modelling from design to manufacturing.   

Key partners

We work with a range of partners including Analytical Methods Inc., Ceetron, Intelligent Light, NUMECA International, Phoenix Integration, Dell Computers Inc, Fujitsu, Fusion-io, ioSafe, NVIDIA, Teradici, Altair Engineering, NAFEMS, North West Aerospace Alliance and North West Automotive Alliance. 

Company vision/philosophy

ac&e’s purpose is to bring better solutions to market, in shorter timescales at less cost.

• We are passionate about reducing cost and time to market, through the application of leading-edge simulation technology.

• We help engineers and manufacturers gain the vital competitive insight needed to compete in an increasingly challenging global environment.

• We provide a complete range of simulation services. This includes world leading design and manufacturing simulation software, training and support, consultancy and computing optimisation.

Organisations of interest for potential engagement

We are interested in collaborating with organisations using computer based modelling & simulation for engineering analysis and visualisation, looking to improve the productivity of their operation to deliver better products more quickly.


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