The Innovation Space - BOXARR

The Innovation Space - BOXARR

In this edition we meet Alasdair Pettigrew, the Chief Executive Officer of BOXARR, who provide solutions for complex and inter-dependent systems management.

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BOXARR is a software company that develops, delivers and supports a completely unique solution to model, analyse and solve the emerging challenges of complexity. The world is rapidly becoming more complex; a reality that is causing huge problems for businesses and organisations. BOXARR provides an enterprise-class software platform; enabling users to effectively model, visualise, analyse, and optimise static/near/real-time information/signal technologies from disparate sources across the enterprise and beyond; on a “real-world” massive scale. BOXARR users can collaboratively build and operate unlimited models, incorporating millions of objects – where each element in the model can be assigned with any number and type of customisable data fields. Users can then visualise information in multiple contexts, perform analyses and simulations, and solve challenges of complexity, inter-dependency and optimisation. BOXARR is the only solution that can efficiently work at the massive scale required to solve the inter-dependent systems now emerging in the modern world.

How did BOXARR originate?

BOXARR was originally conceived through collaboration between Rolls Royce Aerospace and the University of Southampton. The aim was to develop a portfolio of solutions to effectively visualise and manage the enormous complexities within the aerospace industry. Today, as an independent company BOXARR operates on a global basis, helping organisations to effectively manage their inter-dependencies and to optimise their operational performance. Our company headquarters is located in Bristol, and we operate a North America office located in Virginia, USA.

What challenges is BOXARR addressing?Gant

Take the Airbus global supply-chain as a typical example of a massive-scale inter-dependent system.  BOXARR is now embedded as a fundamental part of Airbus’ product delivery systems; helping to reduce their risks, respond to disasters, and optimise the performance of their global supply-chain across all Airbus aircraft programmes. Other examples of large scale inter-dependent systems that BOXARR is helping to solve are; the complex ‘system-of-systems’ on board a naval submarine; or for planning the complex sequence of processes required to assemble military aircraft on the production line; or for understanding the massive network of interdependence when planning joint military operations.  These are just a few examples of the kind of complexity challenges that BOXARR is solving with some of the world's most prestigious companies and organisations.

Who are the organisations BOXARR work with?

BOXARR’s sophisticated system modelling and analysis toolsets enable complex organisations such as aerospace, defense, government, automotive, manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, mining, transport, finance healthcare, enterprise, etc. to optimise their operational performance. For example, some of our customers include; Airbus, Cobham, Beihang University (BUAA), Boeing (Military & Civil), CGI, Deloitte, General Dynamics, UK MoD, Raytheon, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Siemens, and The US Navy.

What is BOXARR hoping to achieve in the future?

I firmly believe that BOXARR can play as significant a role as spreadsheets have in the visualisation and management of massive scale inter-dependency!  We are on a mission to be the world's “application of choice” for visualising and solving highly complex problems; and to be the catalyst for positive transformation across organisations by helping our customers to effectively manage complexity and optimise their operational performance. By achieving this, we hope to make BOXARR a significant, well-known, and respected company on the global stage.  So modest ambitions then!


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What accomplishments is BOXARR most proud of?

I am very proud of the outstanding team we have built, and how focused we all are on taking our company to the next level and beyond. This is clearly reflected in the outstanding pedigree of customers who have already adopted BOXARR, and rely on our platform to optimise their performance. I am particularly proud of securing our position as a key feature of the production landscape in Airbus.  Having spent many years working with them, I have so much respect for their company, and the way they respond to challenges.  For us to introduce them to BOXARR as a completely new concept, and for Airbus to then not only validate our value, but to take BOXARR into production as a core business tool, is possibly our greatest achievement to date.


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