The Innovation Space - Edge Intelligence

The Innovation Space - Edge Intelligence

In this edition, we meet Paul McCafferty, Founder and SVP Research and Development of Edge Intelligence Software, who provide a next generation analytics platform that delivers the architecture and principles required for managing and analyse geo-distributed data at the very largest scale – an analytical platform that is demanded by the Internet of Things - “Analytics at the Edge”.

Tell us about your organisation and what they do

Edge Intelligence is an enterprise software company with a proven and patented technology solution supporting the fast, secure access to a network of edge data stores.

Underpinned by core intellectual property, each edge data store (EdgiStore) can provide the secure access to data arriving at network speed, whilst providing immediate analytical insight. A network of edge data stores can consist of tens or hundreds of geo-located stores that when accessed queried appear as one centralized data source potentially managing hundreds of TB’s of data.  Analytics are pushed to the data source and the bulk of the data is never transferred across a network. 

With R&D based in the UK and sales, marketing and business development in the US, the company is making major steps forward in terms of growth. Previously known as JustOneDB, prior to rebranding in January 2016, Edge Intelligence was founded five years ago by myself, Duncan Pauly, CTO and Kate Mitchell CEO (US based). Investors involved in the company include Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, Scott.G.McNealy, co-founder, former chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, Morado Venture Partners and Wellington Partners Venture Capital. 

What challenges is Edge Intelligence addressing?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the driving force, it is expected that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 responsible for generating enormous amount of event traffic, this touches every aspect of life including telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, retail, healthcare, connected homes, connected cars and wearable technology – collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT).   

With challenges around managing and optimising devices, delivering better levels of service, care and capability, a requirement for broader/immediate analytics is a prerequisite to ensure value is ‘smartly’ extracted from the gigantic volumes of data generated. 

As a result, companies are now concerned with how they manage, secure and analyze these large volumes of data particular when the volumes are so large that central collection is impractical.

A solution is to take analytics to the ‘edge’ of the network, moving the intelligence closer to the source of the data. Internet latency, connectivity, bandwidth and ever expanding data volumes need the Cloud to extend closer to the edge. It's simply too expensive, too time consuming and infeasible to move all of the data. And it also prohibits any form of real-time actionable insight. 

A hybrid model is required which combines cloud and edge data stores. But this demands a highly secure platform, which is autonomous (very low maintenance and future proof) that has limitless reach.

The Edge Intelligence platform consists of three critical components that make this possible; EdgiStore™, EdgiSafe™ and EdgiStar™. EdgiStore is a highly efficient and autonomous data store that keeps everything and enables the query of everything. EdgiStore provides total and consistent orchestration and access to a network of EdgiStores. Lastly, EdgiSafe is a seam of security that runs through everything to ensure the safety of all data stored at the network edge and the safety of any data moved across the network.

Who are the organisations that Edge Intelligence work with?

We have a proven channel model in place that enables the delivery of our Products through our partner network. Partners today fall into three categories, either independent software vendors or system integrators or infrastructure vendors. 

Software vendors have their own existing portfolio of products and to allow them to expand and develop into new markets will require access to larger data volumes, retained for longer. This is where the Edge Intelligence can be integrated and underpin their own product. For the System Integrators, these organisations have specific projects that can be very demanding and we work with them to deliver that capability as part of a solution stack.

To date our partners’ solutions are most predominant in security, corporate governance, telecommunications and the financial sectors.

What is Edge Intelligence hoping to achieve in the future?

Our plan is to expand the business and presence through our partner model. We invest and work closely with each of our partner organizations, enabling them to take joint solutions to market quickly and cost effectively. Our vision is for Edge Intelligence to be the platform of choice when organisations think about analytics on the largest scale and particularly when there is a geo-distributed network of data to be managed.

What accomplishments is Edge Intelligence most proud of?

We set out with a vision to build a product that was ground breaking with disruptive technology. We knew significant research and development investment would be required and this is typically very tough to start and fund with a UK based R&D team. But the incredible team that we have in place in the UK have built a world class technology. I am very proud of everyone.

On the Products side I’m proud of how quickly we can delivery and implement some of the largest deployments. Systems of an enormous scale go from zero to full production just a few weeks.  

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