PDT Europe 2016

8th Nov

PDT Europe 2016

Organised by CFMS member Eurostep, PDT Europe is a highly regarded conference in the area of product data technologies. It is an excellent opportunity to learn from others, share ideas, and to discuss with likeminded organisations. The mix of great presentations and open and friendly atmosphere has over the years become a landmark event of PDT Europe.

Event speakers include: CIMdata, Gartner, Airbus, Boeing, French Defence, Renault Group, Alfred Katzenbach, Jos Voskuil, Microsoft, Eurostep and many more.

For further information and to register, visit the event website.

About PDT Europe

PDT Europe started in 1992 as a project sponsored by the European Commission and initiated by Prof. Horst Nowaki (Technical University, Berlin) as a communication place for like-minded European specialists in the then emerging field of product data technologies.

About Eurostep

The PDT Europe Conference is organized by CFMS member; Eurostep. As one of its core activities, Eurostep delivers training in product data management and related standards such as STEP and PLCS. Eurostep also hosts seminars and conferences. Eurostep invests in creating an open climate between software vendors, the industry and academia.


Paris, France

Start time

0:00 8/11/2016

End time

0:00 10/11/2016

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