Towards a Digital Twin in Manufacturing

16th Nov

Towards a Digital Twin in Manufacturing

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) will be holding an informal breakfast event, ‘Towards a digital twin in manufacturing’ taking place at CFMS, Bristol and Bath Science Park on 16th November 2017, 09.00 -11.30 hrs. 

The event will introduce two digital twin demonstrators built by CFMS and Members that incorporate simulation, machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence to enable improvements and accelerate development in the engineering design and manufacturing process.

A common scenario within the product development process, when a design is initially created, it often cannot be manufactured to the exact design intent, requiring further adaptations and design iterations. Increasing time to market, development and manufacturing costs, this could be avoided through the creation of a system or digital twin which shows how the future system will operate, tracking design changes, and predicting performance and maintenance requirements.

The event will introduce two proof of concept demonstrators which incorporate visual inspection and assembly. Machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities have been further integrated within both digital twin systems, enabling them to continuously update and learn, facilitating faster and more reliable operational and commercial decision-making based on factual data.

The first demonstrator is a collaborative (KUKA iiwa provided by KUKA Robotics) robot and inspection system which presents the application of machine learning, enabling it to learn and analyse the process, resulting in a reduction in cycle time whilst improving scan quality. The second demonstrator is a Beckhoff Pick and Place system which presents the telemetry from the system being analysed through machine learning to fine tune the process, reducing manual intervention for process optimisation. Both digital twin systems use Edge Intelligence as the datastore.

Delegates will learn about the application and  benefits of digital twin technologies in engineering and manufacturing. 



Bristol and Bath Science Park

Dirac Crescent

Emersons Green



Start time

9:00 16/11/2017

End time

11:30 16/11/2017

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