View the High-Order CFD Technologies Webinar

View the High-Order CFD Technologies Webinar

The High-Order Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technologies webinar discusses the development and industrialisation of high-order CFD methods, gaining an appreciation of the current state of the art - as well as a view on the future capability. High-order CFD techniques are attracting considerable research interest, as they offer the potential for significantly more accurate fluid dynamics simulation - particularly in the age of many-core processors (such as GPUs). To view the webinar, click here.

While CFD is used in many engineering sectors, greater accuracy & efficiency are required before it can replace expensive physical prototypes for unsteady flows (including acoustics) and for resolving shed vortices and wakes.  High-order flux reconstruction methods developed by Dr. Peter Vincent from the department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London (IC) are a potential solution.

The webinar outlines the developments in the production of high-order meshing, delivered by High-Order Preprocessor (HOPR), who produce open-source software for the generation of three-dimensional unstructured high-order meshes, and Pointwise, a developer of software used for grid generation and preprocessing for computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

IC, Zenotech and CFMS present an update on the Innovate UK project ‘Hyperflux’ (industrialising high order flux reconstruction methods), including a presentation on PyFR by Imperial College. PyFR is an open-source Python based software framework using Flux Reconstruction.  Zenotech will provide an update on the implementation of high order methods within the ZCFD code.

If you are interested in the test case results for the Hyperflux project, visit If you are interested in submitting a test case for the Hyperflux project, email or call 0117 906 1100.

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