DiPart 2015

DiPart 2015

Fx1a8869 CopyThe Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) will be hosting the sixth annual Airbus Flight Physics Distributed Research & Technology Partnership (DiPaRT) event at Bristol and Bath Science Park. 

Taking place between 16th and 18th November 2015, this popular event regularly sees in excess of 100 delegates from Airbus and the UK Flight Physics R&T community gather together.

With the symposium call for presentations recently announced, provisional presenters on 16th November include Airbus, ARA, ATI, CFMS and Rolls-Royce. An evening keynote lecture will be given by Chris Lee, BAE Systems on the subject of ‘The Taranis Project: Challenges and Achievements’, followed by an evening reception.

DiPaRT was created in 2010 by Airbus UK as a mechanism for engaging and collaborating with the UK Flight Physics R&T community. Supporting the UK centred capability in design and integration of wings, landing gear and associated systems, the DiPaRT network of organisations and partners identify potential technologies and research aligned with Airbus R&T strategy.

Providing the opportunity to shape and influence pathways, DiPaRT provides transparency of Airbus’s strategic aspirations to shape and influence pathways in Flight Physics R&T.Instigator of the event, Anthony Hutton from Airbus, says, “The event provides a forum for academia and industry to gather together to discuss technologies, capabilities and research ideas that are of relevant to future wing design and operation.”

Sam Paice, Chief Operating Officer, CFMS,“ DiPaRT is a highly regarded annual event within the flight physics community which we are delighted to host.”

DiPaRT commences on 16th November at 12.00 with a series of keynote talks on the topic of addressing flight physics R&T at a UK and European level. The Flight Physics Symposium will commence on 17th November where delegates will be split into streams. To view the DiPaRT 2015 Annual Meeting brochure and initial call for presentations, click here. Registrations for the DiPaRT event will commence on 23rd October 2015.

About CFMS

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) is an independent, not-for-profit specialist in modelling and simulation. We support the UK delivery of new design methods and processes.

Through our development centre and state-of-the-art facility, we offer specialist skills, resource and access to best in class technologies to enable organisations to achieve significant advances in design processes.

At the heart of innovation, we bridge the gap between industry, academia and the research supply chain, facilitating collaboration, shaping the development agenda’s of industrial process users and capability suppliers.

As a trusted and neutral provider, our vision is to drive a revolution in engineering capability and design, working with organisations to reduce risk in the design phase, product development costs and time to market.

For more information visit www.cfms.org.uk or contact us on 0117 906 1100 or email info@cfms.org.uk

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Alison Little: e: alison.little@cfms.org.uk, t: 0117 906 1100

About DiPaRT

DiPaRT has been created by Airbus as a mechanism for communicating with, engaging and orchestrating the UK Flight Physics R&T community. The aim is to foster a coherent, well informed and motivated partnership that can help Airbus effectively deliver its strategic vision for a UK capability, supporting design and integration of wings, landing gear and associated systems. Following the establishment of the UK Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) this remit acquires a special significance.

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