Eighth annual Airbus DiPaRT Conference successfully delivered

Eighth annual Airbus DiPaRT Conference successfully delivered

A note from Philippe Garang, DiPaRT Committee Chair, Airbus

Bristol, 21st Dece,ber 2017 - The eighth Airbus Flight Physics Distributed Partnership in R&T symposium (DiPaRT 2017) was held at The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), Bristol, between the 20th and 22nd November 2017. An annual event that sees Flight Physics UK academic and research community gather together, DiPaRT 2017 has confirmed its popularity and success. Attended by about 170 people, 77 presentations were delivered by over 30 different organisations, covering 7 key technical themes in 3 days.

This year, a particular focus was given to Digital Transformation of the aeronautical sector and themes covered the opportunities and challenges faced by the aerospace industry with the introduction of digital technologies. 

Closing the opening day, Neil Harris from the Airbus CTO Organisation delivered an inspiring keynote speech entitled “The Third Aerospace Revolution” in which he described an ambitious vision aimed at developing key differentiating technologies that will enable the preparation of the foundations for next generation flying vehicles covering commercial aircraft, but also sectors such as urban mobility. This was an unmissable opportunity for the UK academic and research community to get an insight into the Airbus Group future needs and steps already made in this direction.  

During the course of the event, a series of excellent presentations were delivered by a highly knowledgeable and motivated community who engaged in very enriching discussions. With presenters and delegates fully open to sharing ideas, again this year was very thought provoking and fruitful regarding potential future avenues for research activities. 

Presentation material is available to download on the portal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to this major event in the UK Flight Physics research calendar.

Philippe Garang, DiPaRT Committee Chair, Airbus.

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