Introducing the UK Fluids Network (UKFN)

Introducing the UK Fluids Network (UKFN)

The UK Fluids Network’ (UKFN) is a new EPSRC-funded network of academic and industrial research groups, focused on innovative developments and applications in Fluid Mechanics.

Formed in September 2016, the UKFN will deliver Special Interest Group (SIG) meetingsShort Research Visits (SRVs), and a website containing resources targeted towards fluid mechanics researchers.

The overarching aim of UKFN is to initiate novel and creative fluid mechanics research, within and across discipline boundaries. It will also provide a forum for the UK fluids community to speak collectively to research councils, maximising the impact for EPSRC’s recent investment in fluid mechanics and the utility and value of applied projects by engaging as a group with UK industry. To date a total of 41 SIGs have been approved, covering a range of topics from acoustofluidics, fluid mechanics of nanostructured materials, multi-core algorithms for turbulence modelling or high speed aerodynamics, granular flows and urban fluid mechanics and quantum fluids to nuclear thermal hydraulics – advanced modelling, simulation and experimentation.

A call for Short Research Visits is issued every four months by UKFN, with the aim of encouraging collaboration between academia and industry and the identification of topics for further research.

Registration is open to anyone interested in contributing to UKFN. Individuals and organisations, including industry can become members of UKFN by registering on the UKFN website, and are welcome to participate in existing SIGs, by contacting SIG leaders. Soon to be launched for the website is a searchable directory of UK fluid mechanics researchers, with subject areas and application areas.

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