CFMS to present two proof of concept Digital Twin Technology Demonstrators

CFMS to present two proof of concept Digital Twin Technology Demonstrators

Bristol, 13th November 2017 - The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is holding an event which will showcase its progress in producing two proof of concept digital twin demonstrators that incorporate simulation, machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence. Entitled 'Towards a digital twin for manufacturing', the informal breakfast event is taking place at the CFMS offices at Bristol and Bath Science Park.

Digital twin systems can enable improvements and accelerate development in the engineering design and manufacture process. A common scenario within the product development process, when a design is initially created, it often cannot be manufactured to the exact design intent, requiring further adaptations and design iterations. Increasing time to market, development and manufacturing costs, this could be avoided through the creation of a system or digital twin which shows how the future system will operate, tracking design changes, and predicting performance and maintenance requirements.

Guy Johns, Lead Technologist at CFMS commented, “This will be an opportunity for engineers and manufacturers to gain insight to the application and benefits of digital twin technology, and the progress made by CFMS in this area. We are particularly excited to present two DTDs onsite at CFMS. This event marks the beginning of a long-term vision of using digital twin technology to accelerate the product development process for engineering design and manufacture.

The event will showcase two proof of concept digital twin demonstrators built by CFMS, incorporating hardware technology from its Members and partners: KUKA RoboticsEdge IntelligenceLoop Technology and Beckhoff.

The first demonstrator, a collaborative KUKA iiwa robot and inspection system improves scan quality and reduces cycle time through the application of machine learning, which enables it to learn and analyse the process. The second demonstrator uses machine learning telemetry via a Beckhoff Pick and Place system to improve accuracy, and to reduce manual intervention for process optimisation. Both systems utilise Edge Intelligence datastore technology.

The spotlight has been on digital twinning since Gartner listed it as a top 10 strategic technology of 2017. This technology is of significant interest to organisations involved in the design and manufacture of high value products, though few have incorporated it within product development processes. Sam Paice, Chief Technology Officer, commented, “CFMS, in its role as a not-for-profit organisation aims to produce a number of demonstrators that show organisations how they can benefit from the application of digital twin technology.”

The event will take place from 9am-11:30am at the Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) Bristol and Bath Science Park on 16th November. Register for the event here.

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