Data Science (DS)

Industry analysts at the International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that the world’s data is growing five-fold, and could reach 175 zettabytes in 2025. With the magnitude of data consumption exploding, our ways of analysing it must improve. So, to understand this increasing wealth of information, CFMS utilities advanced tools and processes to enhance analysis and interpretation.

Improving decisions through data science

At CFMS, our Data Science team pioneers advanced techniques to process data more effectively. Combining well-established methods, such as data visualisation and applied statistics, with innovative data science processes that include Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), new approaches are developed to enhance the speed and quality of data analysis. Doing so creates improved capabilities for decision making, and strengthens digital engineering solutions.

At CFMS, our data scientists work consistently with data-driven market research to identify scientific and engineering solutions. Recently working on advancing zero carbon aviation, our experts used data to identify a sustainable aircraft and flight route to reduce CO2 emissions per passenger. During this project, our data team combined AI and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) processes to improve the overall performance of an aircraft wing design.

AI enables greater efficiencies, and is a crucial data tool at CFMS. Whether it’s improving quality control in automotive manufacturing, or developing new composite manufacturing processes, we challenge the performance of data science tools, to ensure decisions are justified, traceable, and ethical.

Here at CFMS, our technical skills and capabilities in DS include:

Machine & Deep Learning

Our Data Scientists utilise state of the art algorithm developments from the world of statistics and computer science to gain insight from customer data.

Software Programming

In order to push the boundaries of research CFMS develops its own software tools to enhance our analytics capability beyond what is available on the market.

Computer Vision

To enhance the productivity of our customers, CFMS automates the inspection tasks through the analysis of digital imagery.

Classical/Open Source Algorithms

CFMS actively utilises, develops and monitors the performance of freely available tools for engineering tasks to help democratise access to digital technology.

Data Architectures

We work with customers to develop the most appropriate data acquisition and storage strategy to facilitate the use of digital analysis techniques.

Data Quality Assessment

We work with our customers to assess the quality of the data, identify gaps and suggest strategies to improve the generation of insight from artificial intelligence methods.

Data Mining & Curation

CFMS ensures that data from our customers is organised, maintained and accessible to them for analysis but protected from those wishing to steal it.

Data Processing

CFMS utilises advanced computational hardware to evaluate customer data and endeavours to eliminate bias from analysis it conducts.

Data Visualisation

Simulation means nothing if results cannot be translated to our customers, so we always find the optimum way of communicating the work we undertake.

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

We use our mathematical skills to better understand the nature of problems facing our customers using statistical techniques to make better decisions.

Generative Design

CFMS automates the process of finding the most appropriate design for a given task by computationally evaluating all of the potential solutions for a given problem.

More information on our Data Science services can be found in our case studies, or to discuss your engineering challenges, please contact us.

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