Data Science

Improving decisions through data science 

The amount of data is exploding, so to use it effectively our ways of analysing it must improve. Industry analysts at IDC predict that total global data is growing five-fold to nearly 200 million million gigabytes in 2025. So, to understand this increasing wealth of information, CFMS develops improved tools and processes for analysis and interpretation. 

Through working with a range of research projects and commercial developments, the CFMS data science team pioneers new ways to process data more effectively. Mixing well-established methods, such as data visualisation and applied statistics, with more innovative processes like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), new approaches are developed to enhance the speed and quality of data analysis. These help to both identify new opportunities and improve decision making. Greater improvements are achieved by combining data science and CFMS skills in simulation or other digital engineering disciplines. 

For example, in a recent project on advancing zero carbon aviation, CFMS data scientists used data-driven market research to identify the most appropriate aircraft and routes that would produce the most benefits to CO2 emissions per passenger. In the same project AI and computational fluid dynamics processes combined to improve the performance and energy efficiency of an aircraft wing design. 

AI is used in many projects as it enables greater efficiencies, such as in recent CFMS projects for improved quality control in automotive manufacturing or developing new composite manufacturing processes. Using new tools does involve new challenges though, and the CFMS Data Science team is also investigating how to ensure decisions are justified or traceable, and ethical.



CFMS Technical Skills & Capabilities in Data Science

  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • Software Programming
  • Computer Vision
  • Classical/Open Source Algorithms
  • Data Architectures
  • Data Mining & Curation
  • Data Processing
  • Data Visualisation
  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Generative Design



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