Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Described as the process of modelling artefacts, behaviours and processes, the cost-benefit of model-based system engineering is well understood, especially within industries such as aerospace and automotive.

Valuable knowledge lost during the manufacturing and maintenance stages of the product lifecycle, if fed back into system models at the early design stage, can improve processes and cut costs throughout the entire lifecycle. Offering access to a team of experts in Systems Engineering, we work with organisations to apply critical principles and methodologies and develop a through-life system engineering model and framework.

Bridging the gap between existing IT infrastructure, often tied into a company’s processes and procedures, and the opportunities and innovation afforded by through-lifecycle system engineering, we offer impartial guidance on how to make improvements to capture, secure and communicate vital information throughout the design, production and manufacture process.

With knowledge and experience of both IT and systems engineering, as a neutral and independent organisation, we facilitate collaborative activities with tool vendors and manufacturers to analyse and discuss required changes, while managing implementation to ensure return on investment at every stage of the design and manufacture process.

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