Technology Lab and Infrastructure Access

Technology Lab and Infrastructure Access

Reducing the risks associated with development and deployment, we assist with the validation of software, hardware, tools and methods that accelerate advanced modelling and simulation and HPC. Our trusted and agile, highly configurable physical and virtual infrastructure enables the experimentation of new ideas and technologies and the production of proof of concept environments.

Providing access to an array of test-bed equipment, private cloud, rackspace, networking and power, CFMS Technology Lab is an independent and neutral sandbox environment that enables organisations to detect potential bottlenecks in the flow of entities and ensure hardware and/or software is suitable.

We offer technology access to a range of key industry open-source and commercial demo software trials through partners and publicly available test cases. Working with industry end users, academia and associations, we provide improved analysis and greater insight and feedback, resulting in more informed decision making.

 Our team of IT systems and industry specialists in modelling and simulation provide in-depth technical knowledge and expertise to support you on your journey, helping you to select, access or develop the right tools, technologies and skills for your organisation.

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