Competition scenario and data set

Competition scenario and data set

We want you to find a clear, accurate and engaging way to tell the story in the SCAF data set we give you, so that a wide range of stakeholders (including fleet managers, part buyers and maintenance personnel) can dive into the data and understand what they need to prepare for.

The scenario

Infographics Page 1 2The scenario for the competition considers the maintenance planning needs of a large airline operating a varied fleet of aircraft. This fleet is divided into sub-fleets according to how the aircraft are used, and these change over time. Each aircraft has two engines, and each engine contains 13 modules. These modules are in turn made up of several individual components. We also consider the operation of a ‘repair’ site and an ‘overhaul’ site, where components are replaced or maintained, depending on their wear. 

The scenario forecasts the airline’s maintenance needs for a period of over ten years. During this time, there are changes in the composition and size of the three sub-fleets the airline has, as well as in the way the maintenance bases are managed. At some point in this cycle, we also discover a component that starts to fail at high life, which disrupts the normal operation of the fleet. 

Infographics Page 2 1The visualisation you generate will be used by multiple stakeholders, including the operator, maintenance personnel and the supply chain. Each will need different information presented in order to support them in their role.

The full scenario briefing document, including further information on stakeholders and a detailed description of the data available from SCAF can be downloaded below.

Data set

The data set contains the output of multiple anonymised SCAF forecast iterations. Upon registering your interest in the competition using the box below, you will receive an email containing a link to download the data set (in the form of an SQL database and compressed CSV file), supporting documentation, information about the webinar on 7th December and details on how to register your entry.

The competition scenario briefing document contains a detailed description of the information in the data set, including references, definitions and data types.