Review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the competition or to answer a specific question.

Submitting an entry

  • Who can enter the competition?

Any person can enter, whether submitting an entry individually or as part of a team of up to three people, provided they meet the entry criteria stated in the terms and conditions. Entrants must be in their final year of study at a university (undergrad or postgrad), or have graduated no more than 12 months ago. You cannot be an employee or immediate family member of an employee of Rolls-Royce or its affiliated companies. The full terms and conditions are available to download from the competition website.

  • Where do I find out more information about the competition?

Everything you need to know about the competition is contained on this website. You can read more about the scenario,  review the entry requirements and judging criteria, and, when you’re ready, enter the competition

Upon registering your interest in the competition (completing the box at the bottom of the page), you will also be invited to attend the Competition Webinar held on 7th December 2017 at 10.00am. This will provide an overview of the competition with a Q&A session at the end.

  • How do I register to attend the webinar?

Upon registering your interest in the competition (completing the box at the bottom of the page), you will be automatically registered for the webinar. In advance of the webinar, you will be sent a link that you can access to view and listen to the webinar (mobile or desktop) on 7th December at 10.00am. 

For any additional questions regarding the competition not covered in the documentation, use the contact details listed on the competition portal.

  • How do I register my interest in the competition?

You can do this by completing the 'register your interest in the competition' box that appears at the bottom of the page.

  • If I register my interest in the competition, does this mean I have entered the competition?

No, upon registering your interest in the competition, you will be sent information about the competition, and automatically registered for the webinar. To submit an entry for the competition, you need to register your entry, by completing and submitting the competition the entry form.

  • Where can I access the competition data set?

Upon registering your interest in the competition (completing the form that appears at the bottom of the page), you will be sent information about the competition. This will contain a link where you can download the competition data set. For completeness, it will also contain the competition scenario brief, details about the webinar and how to register your entry.

  • How do I open the competition data set?

The competition dataset is available as an SQL database or as a compressed CSV file. The database tool required to read the .bak file is SQL. You will require the SQL application to open the file. You may be able to use or obtain a free or evaluation copy of SQL in order to enable ou to view the data. To open the CSV file, you will require an excel or equivalent application.

  • How do I register my entry?

You will need to complete the form on the competition portal to register your entry. Once your form has been received, you will receive a confirmation of registration email containing the following:

  • A link to upload your visualisation
  • A link to upload your presentation
  • A unique ID number which you will need to add to the form when you upload your entry
  • Is there a file size limit for the visualisation entry?

There is no file size limit.

  • Can I submit a link to my visualisation, as opposed a physical file?

A link to visualisations can be accepted. The terms and conditions will still apply for entries where the physical file is not uploaded.

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of software or tools that can be used to produce the visualisation?

Software or tools can be commercially available or self-developed, but there are certain licensing requirements that must be met. These are detailed in the competition Terms and Conditions. The output must in a format that can be reviewed by the judging panel without requiring external software to be downloaded.

  • Is a video or an image preferred for the visualisation?

There is no preference. It is up to the entrant to decide. 

  • Can I submit a video and an image for my visualisation?

Only one file can be submitted for the visualisation.

  • What formats can be used for the presentation pack that supports my visualisation?

Your presentation can be saved as a .PPT file (PowerPoint); a .KEY file (Keynote); an .ODP .OTP or .ODG file (OpenOffice); or as a PDF.

  • Can I submit any other documents with my entry. For example, an overview of the software I have developed?

Entry submissions must consist of the visualisation and the presentation pack. Any additional documents submitted will be not reviewed.

  • My presentation is more than 20 slides. Will all of my presentation content be reviewed?

The judging team will only review the first 20 slides. Anything beyond this will not be seen by the judging team. 

  • How do I know if my entry has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your entry. If you do not receive this, please contact us using the details provided on the portal to check that your submission has been received.

  • I have a question about the data scenario and data set. Who can I contact about my query?

You should closely review all of the documentation provided for the competition. If you are still unable to find an answer to your question, you can contact us using the details provided on the portal.

Upon registering your interest in the competition, you will be automatically registered for the Competition Webinar. This will provide an overview of the competition with a Q&A session at the end and offers the opportunity to ask further questions. Upon receipt of your registration of interest, you will be sent a link that you can access to view the webinar on 7th December at 10.00am. 

  • What is the definition of S0 which is listed under Parent Platform in the Component List?

Instead of S0, the field should be NULL or NaN or empty. This will not affect any work that you may have completed on your competition entry.

  • Can you clarify, in the Equipment List table, there is a field called LEASE which is set to zero for all equipment ?

For the purpose of the competition, this field can be ignored.

  • Are all output files with RunNumber as a column supposed to have values ranging from 1 to 50? If so, some of the csv files provided might be incomplete.

Yes, all output files should have values ranging from 1 to 50 in the column corresponding to the run number. We have checked the CSV files and in all 13 output tables (named either "StatsOutput_ABC"), there are records present for all run numbers.

  • I am having difficulty creating my visualisation. Can you provide support for this?

The competition phone line and email address can only be used for queries regarding the competition framework, the scenario and data set. Technical support cannot be provided. Entrants are advised that their submission will be scored highest on the ideas they are presenting, and less on the technical execution of the entry. 

  • Can I submit more than one entry, either by myself, as part of a team, or both?

A person can only submit one entry, either as an individual or as part of a team.

  • Can I be a member of more than one team?

A person can only be part of one team.

  • I have submitted my entry but I would like to re-submit it due to some changes I have made. Can I re-submit my entry?

You can re-submit an entry as long as it is received before the competition closing date of 26th January 2018.

The Prize

  • What is the prize for the winner of the competition?

The winning individual or team of up to three people will each be offered a ten week paid internship at Rolls-Royce, located in either Bristol or Derby. The offer is subject to employment eligibility and the terms and conditions of the competition.

  • Is there an alternative prize?

There are no alternative prizes offered. Winning individuals/teams do not have to accept the offer of an internship.

  • We are submitting a team entry. Are we all able to attend the internship?

Internships will be offered to no more than three team members.

  • Will a salary be paid for the internship?

A salary is paid to each individual that accepts the intern position. This will be disclosed during the offer process. 

  • Where is the internship located?

The internship is located at Rolls-Royce, either in Bristol or Derby, UK.

  • Is there a specific start time for the internship, or a date by when the offer must be accepted?

There is no specific start time for the internship. Any offer will remain open for six weeks after it is made. A later start date can be agreed within this time, subject to availability. 

  • Are work permits provided for the internship?

Work permits are not provided. Winning individuals/team must already have the right to work in the UK.

  • Who owns the intellectual property rights for my competition entry if I win?

Under the competition terms and conditions, the winner/winning team will have the opportunity to work with Rolls-Royce to prototype their idea. If the idea is developed, intellectual property rights are retained by Rolls-Royce. Further details can be found in the terms and conditions document.


The Results

  • What is the closing date of the competition?

The closing date of the competition is 26th January 2018.

  • How and when will I know if my submission has been shortlisted?

The highest-scoring entries will be shortlisted and notified by 9th February 2017, and the individuals or teams responsible will be invited to a celebration event hosted at CFMS in Bristol, at which an overall winner will be announced. 

  • Where is the celebration event taking place?

The celebration event will take place at the Centre for Modelling and Simulation, Bristol.

  • Who can attend the celebration event?

The celebration event is open to individual/team entrants and up to two family members each. All attendees will be required to register to attend the event.

  • I cannot attend the celebration event. Is there an alternative date?

There is no alternative date for the Celebration Event, but you can opt to send a delegate in your place.

  • Do you pay travel expenses to attend the celebration event?

Travel expenses will need to be met by attendees.


Further questions

  • Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

For any additional questions regarding the competition not covered in the documentation, use the contact details listed on the competition portal.