About us

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) is an independent digital engineering research organisation, providing technical expertise and a secure on-site data centre to help organisations create better solutions in pioneering new product development.

With a full portfolio of digital engineering capabilities, including design, modelling and analysis services, combined with our secure on-site data centre, CFMS is at the forefront of digital innovation to help develop more effective engineering solutions.


Working with research and commercial organisations of all sizes, CFMS is at the forefront of scientific and engineering development. Our experts in model based engineering, advanced simulation, robotics and autonomous systems as well as computing, use digital methods to challenge the performance of commercially available tools and provide balanced opinions on how to optimise designs and processes, resulting in better productivity and lower costs.

Our projects include;

  1. automated designs for folding wingtips to improve aircraft efficiency
  2. simulating flood events to optimise defences, saving millions in construction costs
  3. optimised production-line inspection using artificial intelligence to improve quality

CFMS collaborates across industry, academia and research organisations, including research projects funded through Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), i3P, FlyZero and more. All profits generated are reinvested into the continued development of our people, facilities and research capability.


Our vision & mission

We are a recognised and trusted digital test bed for the design of high value engineering products and processes.

The digital transformation of high value engineering promises a wealth of new innovative products and the means to reduce the productivity gap. At CFMS, we help organisations apply digital innovation to a range of demanding engineering problems in order to improve industrial productivity.

Collaboration is at the heart of this journey. Our digital test bed delivers a trusted, secure environment for organisations, working with our team of experts to not only understand the opportunities and strategic value of industrial digitalisation, but deliver a collaborative approach to building a digital thread and demonstrating the value of the data that lies within.



Working with CFMS provides an opportunity to fully utilise our unique combination of skills and to deliver real value for your organisation. Through our core services, we are able to offer solutions that provide;

  • Integrated system architectures to improve performance
  • Greater insight into the performance of products or processes in service
  • More informed decision making based on simulated or real world data
  • Cost effective access to state-of the art computing services


We are extremely proud of our heritage at CFMS which stems from the collaboration of the UK’s major players in the aeronautical, defence, automotive and government sectors.

Back in 2007, a consortium of organisations from academia, government and industry came together with a common goal; to achieve significant advances in the design processes of aerodynamic structures.

This consortium included BAE Systems, Airbus, ARA, BMT Fluids, Eurostep, Fraser-Nash Consultancy, MBDA, Microsoft, PCA Engineers, Quadratics, QinetiQ, Rolls-Royce, Westland Helicopters and Williams F1, with matched funding from Innovate UK, working together to achieve positive results for the sector.

Following this success, CFMS was formed in 2010, offering on-demand access to leading technical expertise in High Performance Computing (HPC), combined with both modelling and simulation consultancy. CFMS supports organisations of all sizes, bridging the gap between industry and academia.


Transforming Digital Engineering Capability

The CFMS digital test bed creates the opportunity for Through-life Engineering Services (TES) to support a product at each stage of its lifecycle, including:

  • The design of a digital product;
  • Connecting the digital product to the manufactured product;
  • Gathering and analysing data to derive new service models for the product in operation.

The digital transformation of engineering capability has the potential to be game changing. This process starts by building the systems architecture to deliver the promise of high value engineering.



Our team is a key component for CFMS to deliver the best service and most innovative digital technology to our customers.


We are dedicated to helping enrich and nurture the engineering talent of the future. Our talented engineers act as STEM ambassadors, to run interactive lessons that inspire children in a fun and meaningful way.


Our library provide an overview of all publications related to CFMS including media coverage, research papers, case studies and reports.


We’re always looking for ambitious and talented individuals that are ready to push the boundaries in a challenging and rewarding environment.

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