About Us

CFMS is an independent digital engineering research organisation, providing design & analysis services, consultancy and IT infrastructure to help organisations create better solutions to pioneer new product development.

With a full portfolio of digital capabilities, CFMS brings greater insight into how a system will perform throughout its lifecycle, resulting in more efficient development and more effective solutions.

Working with research and commercial organisations of all sizes, CFMS experts in model-based engineering, data science, advanced simulation and computing use digital tools and methods to optimise designs and processes, resulting in better productivity and lower costs.

Recent sample projects include;

  1. automated designs for folding wingtips to improve aircraft efficiency

  2. simulating flood events to optimise defences, saving millions in construction costs

  3. optimised production-line inspection using artificial intelligence to improve quality

CFMS collaborates across industry, academia and research organisations, including research projects funded through Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), i3P, FlyZero and more.

CFMS also supports armed forces and veterans, having signed the Armed Forces Covenant, and encourages veteran retraining through membership of TechVets.

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