Engineering Computing Services (ECS)

Utilising our trusted, on-site data centre and High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities our Engineering Computing Services (ECS) team provides an effective and efficient computing infrastructure which underpins everything we do at CFMS.

At CFMS, we believe in a collaborative approach. Combining digital engineering with our IT infrastructure allows us to showcase insight into the IT challenges advanced engineering projects could face. Fully integrated with other digital engineering experts and disciplines, our trusted reputation promises improved results that are ready for industrial deployment.

Through our IT infrastructure, CFMS can provide collaborative IT environments for complex engineering projects and product development.

Engineering Computing Services for improved results

Our data centre includes HPC clusters that are built around processor architectures (Intel and Nvidia), and OpenStack private clouds. The on-premise HPC clusters offer compute, storage, and network resources to support commercial and open-source HPC applications.

Openstack provides flexible compute environments enabling users to configure scalable platforms that meet their exact needs and requirements. Managing the digital test bed, our industry experts will optimise the use of HPC resources in digital engineering and will outline appropriate systems that promise to deliver digital engineering transformations.

In a recent project, our ECS services provided secure access to an HPC cluster that was used to simulate wind turbine performance to optimise energy production; resulting in a huge reduction in the productivity gap. Simulation results were produced in two days, compared to three months for previous calculations. After our client understood the outstanding benefits of digital engineering, CFMS experts further advised our customer on designing and operating its own HPC facility.

CFMS also pioneers the adoption of new technologies and worked with BT, Toshiba, and fellow DETI partner, the National Composites Centre (NCC) to install the UK’s first quantum-secure industrial network between two UK operational facilities.

Here at CFMS, our technical skills and capabilities in ECS include:

IT Systems Analysis & Solution Design

CFMS works with its customers to understand their computational needs and provides impartial advice on the best means of implementation.

Multi-Scale IT Architectures

CFMS configures the optimum computing architecture to meet your modelling and simulation needs.

Collaborative IT Environment

Providing a collaborative IT environment hosted in our data centre to accelerate the design and development process of advanced engineering. Offering easy setup and deployment of customisable software, configurations and digital engineering tools for seamless collaboration.

IaaS & Private Cloud Services

CFMS provides a resilient private cloud environment for the collation, processing and storage of your data so that operational and sensitive information is not accessible to third-party providers. This is also helpful in ensuring export control is not an issue.

Turnkey IT Implementation

Content If you are struggling to implement IT solutions for complex engineering tasks CFMS provides a complete cradle to grave managed service creating solutions to meet your needs.

Customer Support Service

CFMS prides itself on the level of service provided to its customers adhering to recognised best practices in the delivery of complex IT solutions.

Automation of IT Deployment

If you are having difficulty deploying or integrating software across your network our experts help make the process more efficient and cost effective.

IoT Platform Deployment

CFMS experts will help you understand how to connect your products or processes to benefit from digital technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Database & Data Hosting

CFMS has state of the art infrastructure capable of hosting your product or process data securely on-premise with ease of access for processing and analysis.

IT Security

CFMS uses industrial best practice to ensure your data is held securely and protected from cyber security risks.

Cray CS400 HPC & IT Laboratory

CFMS hosts one of the largest, open access high performance computing environments for industrial use in the UK.

More information on our ECS services can be found in our case studies, or to discuss your engineering challenges, please contact us.

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