Engineering Computing Services

Engineering Computing Services for improved results 

Having digital engineering and high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities in the same organisation, the CFMS Engineering Computing Services team offers a unique insight into the IT challenges for advanced engineering projects. Fully integrated with other digital engineering experts and disciplines this enables CFMS to develop new methods to deliver improved results that are ready for industrial deployment.

The CFMS data centre includes multiple HPC clusters built around different processor architectures (ARM64, Intel, Nvidia), and OpenStack private clouds. The on-premise HPC cluster offers high performance compute, storage, and network resources to support commercial and open-source HPC applications, while Openstack provides flexible compute environments so that users can configure scalable platforms that meet their exact needs and requirements. Managing the digital test bed, the Engineering Computing Services team can optimise the use of HPC resources in digital engineering and advise on the most appropriate systems to deliver digital engineering transformation and its benefits.

These capabilities were used recently to provide secure access to an HPC cluster for simulating wind turbine performance to optimise energy production. The simulation results were also produced in two days, compared to three months for previous calculations. Having seen the benefits of digital engineering, CFMS then advised the customer how to design and operate its own HPC facility.

CFMS also pioneers the adoption of new technologies, and recently worked with UK service provider BT, global technology provider Toshiba, and fellow DETI partner NCC to install the UK’s first quantum-secure industrial network between two UK operational facilities.



CFMS Technical Skills & Capabilities in Engineering Computer Services

  • Systems Analysis & Solution Design
  • Multi-Scale IT Architectures
  • IaaS & Private Cloud Services
  • Turnkey IT Implementatin
  • Customer Support Service
  • Automation of IT Deployment
  • IoT Platform Deployment
  • Database & Data Hosting
  • IT Security
  • Cray CS400 HPC & IT Laboratory



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