The process of creating new products, systems or other high-value items is being transformed by new digital engineering tools and innovative manufacturing processes.

By working with organisations in all major engineering sectors, CFMS understands the current state of the art to create new design methods and methodologies; and offers a range of digital engineering services, consultancy and facilities to help customers of all sizes to understand and exploit digital technologies;

  • Engineering Computing Services to provide a platform to enable organisations to collaborate and connect

  • Digital engineering services using Model-Based Engineering and digital threads to improve designs and processes;

  • Advance Simulation to explore the details of physical phenomena through a detailed digital model;

  • Data Science services exploiting artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand large and complex datasets;

By combining these services and pioneering novel approaches to tackle industrial problems, CFMS delivers complex, advanced projects faster with improved results. Examples of our recent projects include;

  • Combining MBE and design automation techniques to generate thousands of design options and so identify a set of candidate optimal solutions for a new construction project. A process that would normally have taken months was reduced to days

  • Using AI to interpret CFD data to identify the optimum product design, which could significantly enhance the performance characteristics and reduce fuel burn.

  • Building a digital twin of an additive manufacturing cell to enable a consistent, high quality manufacturing process to be created thereby enhancing productivity. 

To learn more about our capabilities, read our customer stories  or contact us to discuss your engineering challenges.

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