A collaborative approach to advanced engineering

Modern advanced engineering requires close collaboration between many teams and disciplines to research, design and manufacture the product. Organisations in these domains have embedded methods, tools, skills and capabilities honed over years of product development experience to bring a new product to market. This raises a challenge when collaboration between organisations is required.

A project’s success in terms of time, cost and quality is directly related to easy access to the data and tools at the right time. Having a mixed set of methodologies and processes can cause confusion, duplication and delays, resulting in a slower project delivery.

Management of data for complex, high value engineering projects with multiple teams and organisations can become a significant burden, with collaborators having to transfer information back and forth between different systems. Access to resources and tools can similarly become a bottleneck, with geographically disparate teams unable to share hardware and software easily.

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) recognises the necessity for an agile digital environment to overcome these challenges. By using our collaborative IT environment, all partners can readily access the compute resources, data and tools they require from their desired working location, streamlining the overall project workflow. This enhanced collaboration between multiple organisations, teams and disciplines, reduces the need for teams to have duplicate resources, leading to cost reductions and improved resource management. Locating project data alongside these resources allows fast access and seamless sharing of information between authorised users.

Through our collaborative IT environment, we provide an end-to-end service that allows organisations to capitalise on our on-site, trusted data centre capability, which also hosts high performance computing (HPC) hardware. CFMS combines the flexibility and agility of private cloud resources with the power of HPC for large scale or high fidelity engineering problems. Our Engineering Computing Services (ECS) team can design, build and customise a collaborative IT environment, complete with fully managed and deployed digital engineering tools to enable organisations to collaborate and connect for innovative advanced engineering projects.

Trusted by many organisations, including Rolls-Royce and Airbus, our collaborative IT environments use our data centre capability to host virtual desktop infrastructure, including managed secure storage to host and organise data, ensuring organisations retain the privacy of their IP while also being able to seamlessly share data safely with others as required.

Our collaborative IT environments enable teams and partners to easily develop and evaluate custom digital engineering methodologies as well as offering rapid deployment of engineering software and compute configurations. Using a collaborative IT environment for modern advanced engineering product development not only accelerates the design and development process but leads to a more sustainable and significantly faster development timescale with overall reduced costs for organisations.

If you would like further information on our collaborative IT environment service and how CFMS can create one for your organisation, simply contact us.

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