Unlocking and accelerating innovation in Space

Access costs to space are decreasing, enabling ambitious projects with a scale and complexity not seen before. This demands unprecedented levels of innovation in short timescales. CFMS is deploying new capabilities to accelerate the adoption of disruptive technologies in space.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Design & Validation

Our team of robotics and autonomy experts have been heavily involved in a number of missions from deep space exploration, including ExoMars and Sample Fetch Rover, to low earth orbit. The team has deep technical knowledge in researching, developing and field testing Robotic and Autonomous Systems which can autonomously navigate, build digital twins and intelligently inspect space environments.

We are applying this expertise to new developments which will provide first-of-a-kind capability for strategic missions and initiatives led by ESA, UKSA and commercial space enterprises.

Collaborative Tools for Robotic Operations

Our collaborative, concurrent and high-fidelity simulation capabilities can be used to accelerate concept design for complex Robotics and Autonomous Systems through the integration of elements such as proprietary algorithms, robotics frameworks and design tools, required to develop these systems in a visually representative validation environment.

These capabilities can be exploited and be deployed on our High Performance Computing and private cloud environments to enable large scale developments, including concept trade offs at scale and the generation of synthetic data for AI such as deep learning.

Collaborative Tools for Large Scale Concurrent Design

Trusted by major aerospace companies, CFMS’s purpose-built IT environments and innovation toolsets enable multi-party collaboration through the creation of private clouds whilst retaining IP within compute islands that are secure by design. The necessary information can be shared, and an interoperable set of tools enables concurrent engineering to take place. These scalable environments take away the IT burden and enable engineers to focus on developing more effective engineering solutions and increasing productivity.

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