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Successful internship programme returns

At the Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS), we believe in inspiring the next generation of budding engineers, allowing them to apply their theoretical practice to gain invaluable hands-on industry experience to shape their future.

Since 2015, CFMS has hosted twenty interns to work with us within digital engineering and Engineering Computing Services (ECS). We have had a lot of success with our internship programme, with 65% of our interns returning for a summer internship the following year and 30% becoming full-time employees after graduation.

As a result of the success, we are delighted to welcome six new interns who are joining us for a year in industry placement. This year, with 50% of our interns being women, we are continuing to inspire and shape the future of the engineering industry and playing an integral part in ensuring representation throughout.

Our internship programme demonstrates what a career in engineering involves focusing on a range of digital engineering technologies, from learning advanced simulation techniques, mastering mathematical modelling and exploring robotics to offering innovative solutions for a variety of industries including aerospace and manufacturing.

Meet our 2023 interns below and follow their journey through CFMS with us.

Firstly, joining our digital engineering team, we introduce Grace Neil, who is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol. Grace will gain invaluable insight into using high performance computing (HPC) for modelling and simulation techniques to solve problems within industry applications.

Studying Robotics Engineering at the University of Bath, Matas Sakalauskas, is the first intern to join our Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) team. Matas will dive into the world of robotics to support the development of next-generation, cloud-based systems, as well as using our data centre to generate data for machine learning (ML).

Cameron Grant is joining us from the University of Bath, studying Computer Science. He is joining our Engineering Computing Services (ECS) team where he will play an invaluable role in the continuous improvement and maintenance of our IT infrastructure, including our on-site data centre and high performance compute (HPC).

Rebecca Prestidge, joining our digital engineering team, from the University of Sheffield, studying Bioengineering will gain hands-on experience in mathematical modelling, simulation techniques and develop extensive coding experience.

Laila Elsarky, joining CFMS from the University of Bath will be a part of our ECS team, where she will utilise her Computer Science degree to collaborate on projects to develop IT infrastructure and software hosted on our data centre.

Last but not least, introducing Marlo Freeman, a digital engineering intern, who studies Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath. Marlo will gain experience in modelling and simulation techniques, developing comprehensive coding skills that can be utilised for industry optimisation.

If you would like to know more about our internship programmes or apply to be a part of the team at CFMS please visit our careers page.

Employers, if you would like to understand how CFMS has previously worked with organisations to help up-skill early-stage engineering employees with the latest digital technologies simply contact us on info@cfms.org.uk.

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