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Test Case: Surrogate Model Follow-on

Airbus and CFMS previously collaborated on two projects (MIDAS-1 and MIDAS-2) to research the development of surrogate models based on Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind tunnel data. At the conclusion of MIDAS-2, Airbus wished to continue the relationship to further enhance the capability and fidelity of the surrogate models, in a project called “Surrogate Model Follow-on.

At the same time, Airbus desired to capitalize on the AI/ML work being conducted by CFMS within the DETI programme. As a result, CFMS (a founding DETI partner) proposed incorporating this extension project as a test case within DETI EC2.8. The CFMS component of the research was resourced from the DETI EC funding, whilst the Airbus work was undertaken within the ATI funded project Development of Advanced Wing Solutions (DAWS).

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