Optimising satellite design with digital engineering

The development of satellites using conventional design methods requires physical prototypes and several design iterations – a lengthy process that requires significant resources and funding. This project, with KISPE Space as part of the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) programme, looks to solve this issue through the development of the Open Source Satellite (OSSAT) structural design. This tried-and-tested design will eliminate the need for individual builds and test runs – ultimately reducing costs, weight, and delivering a better performing product.

Automated Design Studies in Satellites

This video demonstrates the KISPE Satellite projects. CFMS used technological advances and processes from diverse industries to develop a next-generation low-cost satellite platform that makes space more affordable. Through digital engineering, highly capable modular satellite platforms fit the variety of launch vehicles without a need for a major redesign. Resulting in a reduction in mass and achieving maximum performance at a reduced cost.

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