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Hosting stakeholder event for Space West

As a member and partner of the Space West Leadership Group, which governs the Space West programme, The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) welcomed senior representatives from across the regional space industry and our cluster partners, National Composites Centre, West of England Combined Authority, University of Bath, University of Bristol and University of the West of England as we hosted a key stakeholder event at CFMS.

The Space West programme focuses on a vision to attain recognition as a prominent space region both nationally and internationally. Space West focuses on developing a space strategy and regional space hub in the West of England. Space West will deliver a cluster development programme of activities to support businesses in the space and adjacent space technology sectors, on challenges such as AI and autonomy for space, secure and resilient communications, materials of extreme environments, earth observation and power and propulsion.

Holding this key stakeholder event is an important activity for the Space West cluster as the West begins to determine the strategic strengths of the region, ensuring our voice is heard wider as national strategic investment plans are considered.

Dr. Mark Woods, Chief Strategy Officer, CFMS said: “From working within the space industry for over 20 years, this is a key inflection point for the region, and an opportunity to put the space industry at the heart of national, international, commercial and research developments. Looking at the scale of ambition within the global space domain, it is clear that we are witnessing huge levels of ambition. Many challenges of course, but we know that new concepts will have to be developed, matured and validated in the virtual space, whilst complimenting physical tests. The space industry will require much deeper levels of collaboration and both awareness and development of the strategic assets in the region. These are unique, first-of-a-kind, systems-of-systems challenges.”

Facilitating the space industry’s ambitious plans, and to continue to drive innovation within the space industry, it is essential to be both flexible and agile. The industry will need data centre level compute, which goes beyond traditional desktop approaches. New, state-of-the-art modelling and simulation tools underpinned by multi-physics models deliver industrial strength confidence. Commercially secure and industry trusted digital environments to drive large-scale collaboration. Technology expertise in modelling, simulation, Non-Destructive Testing, robotics, autonomy and AI who can use, develop and upskill teams on these tools. This will allow us to understand and explore difficult questions such as how fleets of autonomous robotic systems or huge scale structures will perform in orbit.

This is the core to our expertise and offering as we continuously explore challenging questions and drive innovation across several sectors. We are looking forward to continuing our role in progressing the space industry over the coming years.

As a partner and member of the Space Leadership Group, which governs the Space West programme, CFMS is playing a key role in the strategic development of the cluster. If you would like to know more about how our capabilities can support the space industry contact us today.

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