Non-Destructive Testing

As digital engineering tools and high performance computing (HPC) have improved, CFMS is extending these benefits to enhance non-destructive testing (NDT).

Whether it’s a fan blade, chemical pipework or a road bridge, components and structures in safety-critical industries such as energy, construction, or aerospace are tested to verify their structural integrity and help to prevent major accidents. By using a variety of techniques, non-destructive testing (NDT) specialists can find defects such as material fatigue or corrosion within the internal systems is not possible.

The increasing use of composites and more intricate designs present ever more complex inspection challenges. This is placing an ever-increasing burden on experimental design and validation of inspections to find these defects which is both costly and time consuming

To solve this, CFMS are deploying digital engineering technologies, including simulation, optimisation and data science, to overcome this burden and bring new technologies to bear faster and more cost effectively.

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