Hyperflux test cases

Slightly changing one element of an aircrafts design generally changes the way the whole system performs. While Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is already used across engineering sectors, greater accuracy and efficiency are still needed before it can replace existing physical prototypes for unsteady flows, including acoustics, and for resolving shed vortices and wakes.

The Hyperflux and Hyperflux ++ aerospace projects provide a testbed for the development of a new code base for high fidelity aerospace CFD. The Hyperflux projects invited a number of industry experts to contribute to a variety of test cases to support in the development of the new software.

Cold jet flow from a serrated nozzle using zCFD (URANS)

Flow in the propeller plane of DARPA SUBOFF model using unstructured code zCFD

Flow over a delta wing using the unstructured code zCFD

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